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Software composition analysis (SCA)

All dependencies used in a system can have known vulnerabilities. These are often registered as Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), a system to register and classify software security defects. By using a source compositioning tool, dependencies can checked for CVEs and action can be taken depending on the information uncovered. This process is often known as Source Compositioning Analysis.

A SCA-tool will analyze all dependencies and notify you of its findings.

Be aware that these tools require a defined process to ensure that discovered vulnerabilities are managed and addressed, and that findings are analyzed for impact to the system. In many cases simply upgrading to a more recent version of the library will be easier than analyzing how a vulnerability affects a system, so this should be explored as an initial response. Some tools can automate this process, allowing the team to review the result before approving the automated pull request.

The following is a list of tools which will notify you when new versions of dependencies are found, and which can be configured to automatically upgrade the dependencies: