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This is the place to go for developers, infrastructure engineers, DevOps personell and anyone else in Bouvet for information on how to developer, operate and manage secure IT solutions for our customers. The overall information found here is also useful for other roles, such as project managers, advisors and anyone else tasked with following up on security in our many projects.

The goal of this site is not to contain everything there is to know about a subject, but rather to communicate the basics on a level anyone can understand.

We are going to do our utmost to deliver the most secure solutions and services.

"We are going to do our utmost to deliver the most secure solutions and services"

Information Security

is all about securing the following elements of an IT-system:Confidentiality

The information contained or processed within the system shall not be available for unauthorized persons.


The information is accurate, and cannot be modified without authorization or without being detected.


The system must be available when needed, and security mechanisms must be implemented in order to protect it.

Security Champion

Are you, or do you want to become a Champion?

A Security Champion is an individual working to promote security in all its forms within a team, a project or a business unit. The champion is not responsible for security or compliance, but acts as a motivator and advocate for security in order to raise awareness!

A good place to start regardless of background or intentions is our information package for Security Champions